Latest Boom Beach Best Defense Strategy For HQ 10-12 Players



Hello, good to see you here, all Boom Beach players, welcome to this article. Today, sincerely I will provide you 3 video strategy of Boom beach best defense strategy for all players at a headquarter level 10-12, which will show you how to set up a high strong base for your troop to deal with your enemy and other higher level attackers. Get a nice idea to make your building stronger and safeguard your troop.

#1 Boom beach hq10 defense layout

#2 Boom Beach best defensive base for hq11

#3 High Effective Boom Beach Defense Strategy hq12 Base Layout

With the help of the Boom Beach Video Strategy, hope you can get the best idea to set up your best base for your troop against other attackers and get a quick victory and upgrade now!