Boom Beach HQ14 anti-tank and Warrior formation


Boom Beach 14 HQ how the layout? Boom Beach 14 HQ defend formation type how put? This extraordinary game fun praising ah, love the layout, the attack formation. When the farmers’ homes day and night of hard work, my owner is always doing nothing unscrupulous, spare cloth like layout.

In my excellence (scene dialect), specializes in hard, and finally let me contented playing out, especially to share to share with all the players.

Boom Beach HQ14 anti-tank and Warrior formation

Personally think, 13 HQ tanks when they were a few times I do not know QJ, 14 HQ open tank should find many, practicality should impatience.

Tank: coastline on both sides of the home Cannon, large middle two Boom Cannon fire coverage, whether you have left to the right at the same time was 5 defend weapon attack.

Warrior: three machine guns, two Spitfires grams Warrior posted big HQ, others defend weapon damage covered a large HQ (in addition to the two front sides Cannon); both sides of the pre-mined, even if Warrior punch later, did a lot of damage.

Then let alone stick around after Warrior Blast HQ, and extremely dangerous, not as a direct positive impulse HQ yet.

Anti-strong line and side leakage proof …… (if you science and technology level is too high, you can ignore, I could not invincible defend this type of formation, mainly earn more extra money, this formation of vulnerability also requested more players to the proposal.