15 HQ top layout comprehensive analysis



15 HQ top layout share, 15 HQ defend a comprehensive analysis of the formation. 15 HQ in the formation of choice primarily defensive and defensive Warrior tanks, editor today it will introduce the Boom Beach 15 HQ anti Warrior’s formation, oh, please see below for details on it.

15 HQ defense resources

Today, we recommend the Boom Beach 15 HQ defend Warrior defensive formation is based, after updating the low level tank defense is really too difficult, since we might as well choose not anti defensive formation other Troops of oh.

This formation relies on a combination of higher level Flamethrower around the headquarters and heavy machine guns, and can cause great harm to the Warrior, while relying on a lot of Mine Warrior offensive line, but also can cause big damage to Warrior. As headquarters tower and mortar attacks around the confrontation Warrior also has a good effect.

About Boom Beach 15 HQ top layout. Boom Beach 15 HQ defend a comprehensive analysis of formation for everyone first introduced here, I hope you and the commander of this formation to be able to help in the defense.

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